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What we do

Leadership Synergies helps organizations to improve business results.


We specialize in strategy consulting, strategic facilitation, and organizational assessments.


Our approach provides the architecture for sustainable results
in leadership effectiveness. Our consulting services help senior executives and their teams:


  • Develop the right organizational strategy through strategic planning

  • Assess the organization’s culture 

  • Create compelling value propositions

  • Neutralize competitors

  • Detail customer journey-mapping

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How we work

Our methodology is to interview your organization’s senior executives, sales and marketing teams, operations staff, and a cross-section of your clients/members.


Our rigorous qualitative and quantitative research process identifies trends in the competitive marketplace and determines which areas within your sales organization are healthy and which areas need help. We provide a comprehensive report with candid recommendations for improvement and suggested next steps to accelerate your business performance. Simply put, we tell you what you need to do to achieve exponential revenue growth. 


Areas we evaluate include:

  • Customer journey-mapping
    and sales process 

  • Organizational design

  • Staff team assessment

  • Customer/member segmentation 

  • Competitive analysis

  • Leadership evaluation

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Leadership Synergies’ clients include: 

  • Global 1000 corporations

  • Convention and visitors bureaus/convention centers
    of all sizes

  • International and national associations seeking corporate best practices customized to the nonprofit environment.


During the past 21 years, we've worked with more than 300 organizations around the world.

Our client interaction often begins with CEOs and presidents, board chairs, senior vice presidents, marketing and human resources professionals, brand teams, and strategic planning staffs.

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